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About Me

Welcome to Campfire!

My passion as a coach is to support you in achieving your dating goals, whether that’s increasing your social confidence, increasing the frequency and quality of your dates, or entering into a long term relationship.

I’ll show you how to make dating exciting, relaxing and fun, while helping you to achieve your individual goals!

How I Became a Dating Coach

I first got into the dating space 10 years ago, when I moved back to NYC, and had no idea how to date as an adult.

Like any good student, I read everything I could find on dating, went out to “practice” my new skills, and even took a week long personal development program specifically focused on dating!

Not realizing I could have a career in the dating space, I spend eight years in pharmaceutical advertising before life brought me back to dating.

In 2017, I combined my love of food and knowledge of dating to found Dine Offline, a company which created match-made dinner parties for singles. Over time, our offerings expanded beyond just dinner parties to include wine tastings, game nights, meditation circles and dating discussion groups.

After running events through 2018, I realized that just creating great events for singles wasn’t enough. Even at extraordinary events, guests’ own stories, fears and views on dating can prevent them from truly connecting with new people.

So I shifted into coaching, where I combine my knowledge of dating, therapy* and personal development to help you create the dating life you desire!

Work Together

There’s a couple of different ways we can work together to improve your dating life. Click here for details on individual and group coaching programs!

Connect with Me

Aside from the Campfire Instagram and Facebook pages, you can connect with me on my personal Instagram and Facebook pages!

*I am not a licensed psychologist, therapist or health care professional, and my services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. Please seek the services of a licensed health care professional if you believe you may be suffering from a medical issue or psychiatric/psychological disorder.