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Vulnerable As F*&% - Rooftop "Love" Affair

  • Long Island City Rooftop 3721 31st Street Long Island City, NY, 11101 United States (map)


What's stops us from being vulnerable when it comes to dating and love?

No, this isn't a speed-dating event, or just any another Vulnerable AF workshop. It’s a conversation about how vulnerability is the key to connecting and creating intimacy.

Whether you're single AF, in a relationship, or simply exploring - the key part of vulnerability in dating is the willingness to be authentic and open, and to ask questions so you can develop real connections and healthy relationships.

Ever felt rejected?

Confused by what someone says or does when you’re dating?

Wonder why you’re not having the experience you want when it comes to dating?

Let's talk about it.

You will get the opportunity to connect with real people about the trials of what it takes to be your authentic and vulnerable AF self while dating.

Vulnerable AF is an invitation to go below the surface, explore your own depth, and expand the edge of your comfort zone in a safe space.

Do you desire a deeper and more meaningful connection with yourself and others? Nothing is too "taboo", and your job title isn't important here.

We encourage your most authentic self to emerge and safely expand the edge of your comfort zone through guided, intimate conversations in a safe space with emphasis on inclusivity and connection.

What to Expect

  • 7pm-7:30pm: Connect & vibe out

  • 7:30pm-9:45pm: Authentic relating & trust building exercises

  • 9:45pm-10pm: Closing Circle

What You’ll Leave With

New communication and intimacy tools, a new authentic connection with yourself, an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence, a deeper connection with others. This is an opportunity to make a new friend, find your business partner or maybe even meet a soulmate!

Principles of Vulnerable AF

  1. What happens in the room stays in the room

  2. No coaching

  3. No small talk

  4. No phones or external distractions


$25 - light snacks and refreshments provided

Reviews for Vulnerable AF

Vulnerable AF is an amazing platform that brings a community of individuals together to share their stories, build connections, and most importantly, be vulnerable around each other. Even though I am constantly surrounded by people daily, many times I often feel a sense of isolation due to a need to constantly stay busy without really devoting the time to answering/asking the deeper questions. Vulnerable AF is exactly what this city needs, a place where you can develop a greater connection to yourself while connecting with others. Nothing wrong with the weather, but we don’t talk about that here.
— Norman L.
What an amazing space to connect and be authentic. We need more of this in the world!
— Jenn M.

Reviews for Campfire

I really enjoyed last night’s campfire event! It was amazing, great company, great discussion, great connection! I’m looking forward to coming back again and I will definitely recommend to friends.
— Joseph
I was really pleased with how much (and how well) the guests participated, especially since it was (unusually) a mostly male group. I liked the intimate setting and the fact that it was a very small group — it seemed to encourage honest, authentic participation. The subject matter (5 Love Languages) was very interesting and especially relevant to a group of singles interested in being in relationships.
— Joanne
What a great concept. Amazing way to meet other singles in a real life situation. Enjoyed talking about issues affecting other singles. Great time!
Alex was a great host and facilitator. I loved our genuine conversation and felt heard and supported!
It was amazing. Super great vibe, great people!
Great environment! Great People ! Enjoyed the campfire events so far.
Another well-done event. Alex did a great job of moderating the conversation to keep it on track and on topic, while ensuring that everyone was able to contribute with their point of view or questions. The group was pretty evenly distributed between men and women, which is always a plus at these types of events. Perhaps because it was a small group in a cozy setting, it had a very “safe space” feel, which encouraged honest and authentic talk.
— Joanne
It was great connecting to really nice people.
Good atmosphere and interesting discussion.

Meet Your Guides

About Veronica Kaulinis

Veronica Kaulinis is a Facilitator, Connector and Community Strategist living in Brooklyn, New York.

She is the Founder of Vulnerable AF, a bi-weekly community gathering that encourages one to expand their comfort zone through guided intimate conversations in a safe space. Not only will you gain a new perspective on yourself, but you may also leave with a new life-long friend.

Veronica specializes in helping working professionals master and cultivate a new relationship with their inner-dialogue so they can step out of self-sabotage and step into success. Her mission is to bridge the gap between Men and Women and to mobilize the next generation of thought leaders and change makers through real connections and conversations.

About Alex Sommer

I started Campfire with the belief that dating can (and should) be exciting, relaxing, fun, and an opportunity to learn more about yourself while meeting new people!

We're often so focused on "finding the one" or "having a date go well" that we forget the only first date question that matters: Do I want to continue my conversation with this new person? 

When I'm not working on improving the Campfire experience, you'll find me hosting a dinner party, playing guitar, eyeing classic cars or trying to stay warm on a ski slope!

Have a question for me or feedback on anything campfire related? Would love to hear from you at, especially if there's something that can be improved!