Mastery Coaching Program

You and Alex will work together to shift the stories and strategies that are holding you back from having the dating life you desire.

During this 3-month personal coaching program, we’ll cover everything you need to know, including (but definitely not limited to):

  • What is “Dating”: Why we overthink the whole process and how to get out of our heads

  • Who Am I: Stories and mindsets that may be holding you back from living your ideal dating life, and how to shift them to work for you

  • Who Are They: Getting clear on the type of relationship you’re seeking and the qualities of the person you’re looking to meet

  • Where to Meet: Overview of where and how to meet the type of person you’re seeking, along with pros and cons of each

  • Confidence: How body language, eye contact and tone of voice affect how you’re perceived

  • Connection: Get beyond the small talk quickly, learn to truly connect on a deeper level

  • Attraction: Create chemistry in comfortable and exciting ways

  • Dates: How to plan or suggest great date activities

  • Intimacy: When and how to hold hands, kiss, touch, and more

The Mastery Coaching Program includes:

  • Coaching: 12 one-on-one sessions with Alex, in person or by webinar

  • Game Plan: A personalized plan based on your specific dating goals

  • Profile Makeover: Stop wasting time online, we’ll make sure your profile’s doing the work for you

  • Access to Alex: Email, text or messenger Alex directly with any questions, or to support you with situations as they come up

  • SOS Calls: Need an immediate answer or guidance? Call me directly (3 calls per month)

  • Bonus: Discounts on Campfire gatherings and workshops

Schedule a free call below so we can discuss your individual dating goals and see if working together would be a good fit!

Weekly Dating Dish Webinar

Each Wednesday at 9pm EST, we gather on a live webinar to learn about a specific dating topic, such as the 5 love languages, who pays on dates, attachment styles, looking for “The One”, and when to give second chances.

The calls start with a short presentation, followed by Q&A on the topic, or on any other dating question you may have!

Can’t make the calls live? Each call is recorded and available for playback.


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Watch a Dating Dish on The 5 Love Languages

What’s a Dating Coach?

Think of me as a personal trainer for your love life, except I won’t make you run laps!

I leverage my knowledge and experience to help you achieve your individual dating goals in less time, and with more enjoyment, than trying to figure out dating on your own.

Not sure where to start? Common dating goals include:

  • Shifting mindsets to make dating fun and relaxing

  • Feeling more confident and deserving of a loving relationship

  • Identifying key “must have” qualities in a partner

  • Understanding where and how to meet the people you want to attract

  • Increasing the number and quality of your dates

  • Authentically communicating with your dates